If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.

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We have Much more training, like Service dog, crate training and much more.

Thank you DVR for helping Under dog training get off the ground.

After a hard day of training we just relax.

Hello Under dog training is located in Las Vegas, NM. We provide puppy training, to Basic Obedince and much more. Here is Under dog training moto If you want to got fast go alone, if you what to go far go together. Under dog training believes that working with both dogs and humans to have a joy that everlasting. We have a understanding that not ever dog is the same, and time important so by you choice in  Under dog training you get more. for less Please email or contact to find out more. and again thank you for looking at under dog training for your dog training needs and welcome.  

Sit, come, Stay, down, heel, and NO.


Puppy training just is that getting to know your puppy. teaching how to go potty, and much more.